Managed Solutions

MSI order-to-install technique allows for a flexible approach. Whether you require new wiring with access points to a primary location, rapid/temporary deployments, melding existing points into one frequency or creating a fully functional redundant secondary location for disaster recovery back up,

We can ensure that you are fully functioning and connected so that your critical systems remain online at all times.

Managed Wi-Fi and Wireless LAN (WLAN)

Flexibility for Business and Guest Wi-Fi Access

Flexibility for Business and Guest Wi-Fi Access

MSI offers a robust portfolio of Managed Wi-Fi solutions, offering flexible deployment options with unmatched scalability and performance. Our WLAN services include high-performance access points that are a perfect fit for enterprises of all sizes. These may include financial institutions, retail locations and healthcare providers who are looking to offer wireless Wi-Fi access to their business users and guests.

Simple and Secure Wireless Networking

Simple and Secure Wireless Networking

MSI Managed WLAN Wi-Fi solutions provide complete turnkey services including utilizing our engineers to design, install, deploy and manage the WLAN infrastructure. We offers fully-managed platforms enabled by industry-leading technologies, with security and location analytics options available. If you wish to provide Wi-Fi guest access, we can offer an optional end-user help desk to ensure worry-free network deployments.

Order-to-Install WLAN Solutions

Order-to-Install WLAN Solutions

MSI’s comprehensive suite of professional services may include; planning, implementation and predictive site surveys. Our in-house Network Integration team allows an order-to-install solution that grows with you. Our team of Premier Account Managers, Engineers and Certified Project Managers will review requirements, coordinate with local providers and perform multiple site installations to your business specifications.

Firewall Design

Sophisticated cyber criminals are bypassing firewall protection. We can manage your firewall activity, keeping intruders out. Protect your business systems with MSI’s Managed Firewall services.

Working with your Network Administrator, our Solution Engineers will:

Design your firewall solution

  • Perform a security review of your network configuration and firewall requirements to recommend a total solution for your organization.
  • Design a network firewall solution to protect your critical IP applications and devices.

Manage your firewall alerts

  • Promptly and proactively respond to issues and anomalies as they arise.
  • Stay apprised of new threats and vulnerabilities automatically with the latest web filtering and anti-virus signatures.

Configure the network firewall

  • Configure MSI's network firewall hardware and software per the rule-based Internet security services proposed for your organization.
  • Perform firewall configuration and rule-set changes as detailed in your custom solution.

Monitor your solution 24/7/365

  • Our technicians will monitor the health of your security solution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • If there is an issue with your security solution we will most likely be working on it before you ever realize there is a problem, 365 days per year.

Network Monitoring

Our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) can monitor all managed connections. We will monitor all MSI-managed devices utilizing a variety of tools and procedures. When we spot an imminent service failure, our NOC staff will contact you to coordinate a repair and if needed, will quickly dispatch a technician to solve the problem.

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